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About Transafe

TRANSAFE is proud to be affiliated with the London Marketplace, specifically Lloyds Underwriters, since 1982.

Initially through a parent company steep in Lloyds tradition, we were able to carve a specific nitch in the Physical Damage (FTC), Cargo, and General Liability arena.  Our Leads are first tier syndicates and are second to none in their understanding of the exposures they insure.

It was essential to overcome some of the negative stereotypes associated with Lloyds “producting”;  Lloyds of London have had their detractors for sure:  Lloyds is not one Insurer but a collaboration of syndicates prudently selecting business exposures to insure.  Coverages, combinations of these participants and management of the end product can be done in a myriad of ways.  Subsequently what might be dubbed “poor coverage” or “poor service” may all have been done in the marketing.  While steep in tradition, conservative and abundantly proud of their integrity, there cannot be a single place where true entrepreneurship works better with sound ideas.

TRANSAFE has taken our wealth of understanding of the trucking industry and have forged a working partnership between our clients and Lloyds Underwriters.  We have specifically manuscripted our products around your needs by providing the coverages that you demand with responsive services; this is the difference!

We have done this from day one and will continue to do so for our clients!

Policies Are Non-Admitted

Our policies are non-admitted.  They are specialized products from Lloyds and other Great Britain based insurance carriers, customized to meet the coverage demands of your clients.  Please compare your coverage forms to our outline.  Again, ours is a manuscript form.  We control the claims adjustment process.  Claim adjustments are made quickly and issued from our facilities.  No fear of past experience in claims handling since we do it here!

See our Products page to learn what coverages are available with Transafe.


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