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We offer impeccable service.  Quotes may be in your hands within an hour in some instances.  If you do not reach our underwriter on the first call, our underwriter will always call you back shortly.

We pioneered offering a refund for good experience.  Our refund is based on 50% or better loss ratio and is payable if the client renews.  This solidifies your relationship with your client and your commission is not affected by this refund.

Cargo Insurance (Contingent Cargo available)

Visit our Cargo page to learn more.

Our Cargo policy form is manuscripted to provide coverage for your insured’s unique exposures.  We look to providing coverage by eliminating confusing exclusions and warranties where others may want to limit coverage.

Physical Damage Insurance

Visit our Physical Damage page to learn more.

The Physical Damage form is broad and clearly written.  Claims are adjusted by our controlled appraisers and claims professionals.  Extra towing limits available.

General Liability Insurance

Visit our General Liability page to learn more.

Contingent Auto Liability Insurance

Visit our Contingent Auto Liability page to learn more.

Contingent Cargo Insurance

Visit our Contingent Cargo page to learn more.

Truck Brokers Errors & Omissions (E & O)

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