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Cargo Insurance for Truckers



For over 25 years Transafe Underwriters has “traveled the highways less traveled” providing our clients a comprehensive “for hire” coverage form specifically manuscripted to meet the demands of their environment.

Recently, there are good insurers out in the marketplace touting their “new”, “improved”, “best” and “preferred” forms now available to you.

Their enhancements are good…However, our clients have traveled up and down our highways confident in the knowledge that many of the exposures now included or improved have been addressed in our products for years!

Here are a few examples:


> Mitigation Payments up to $5,000  

> Fire Dept. Service Charge up to $25,000

> Towing Expenses Now Covered

> Re-loading Expense   

> Broadened language regarding defense

> Always included-no limitation-up to policy limit

> Always included-no limitation

> Always included-no limitation

> Always included-no limitation

> Always included-as interests prevail

You will not get a “preferred”/non-preferred product.  Your exposures will be individually evaluated and we will provide a product specifically tailored to your requisites!


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