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Contingent Auto Liability

Contingent Auto Liability Insurance for Brokers

> We have in-house policies with $3500 minimum premium for contingent auto liability. 

This policy is designed to protect against the liability assumed by transportation brokers and freight forwarders when the truckers that they have under contract are involved in accidents where bodily injury, death or property damage take place.

Truck Brokers Contingent Liability
and Contingent Cargo

This program is designed to protect Truck Brokers in the event one of their contracted truckers has a coverage issue. These issues arise when the trucker hauling the brokered load provides a certificate of insurance to the broker but occasionally these certificates could be invalid due to mid term cancellation or exclusion.
Four important points of the program are:
The policy warrants that a current certificate or completed telephone “check list” is on file for each and every vehicle brokered by the insured.
The policy excludes coverage for autos owned, leased or operated by the insured.
The policy will not apply if there is valid and collectible Auto Liability insurance/Cargo insurance of any nature.
The Contingent Cargo coverage does not provide broader coverage than the trucker’s motor truck cargo policy.

Excluded Commodities:
Gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas
Contingent Liability
$1,000,000 Occurrence
$1,000,000 Annual Aggregate ($2,000,000 optional)
Contingent Cargo
$100,000 Any One Occurrence (up to $500,000 optional)
$1,000 deductible

All States Except - IL, KY and USVI


*We advise you to carefully review each and every policy you choose to protect your business so that you fully understand the extent of coverage and your responsibilities under the policy. If you have any questions on the policy format or coverage you should forward your questions to your insurance agent, who either answer the questions or present them to the insurance company for a response.



Contingent Auto Liability with Transafe

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